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Why does my wood deck look old and gray?

by Craig Cox

Overtime and without protection, your wood deck will start to look gray and old. One factor that contributes to this problem is the weather. Since your wood deck is constantly exposed to the elements, the woods natural and unnatural protection will begin to wear away at your investment. In conjunction with the elements, UV light is a major contributor to the discoloration of the wood.

I have pressure treated lumber, am I exempt from protecting my wood deck?

No. Having pressure treated lumber does not exempt you from not having to clean and treat your wood deck. Although having a pressure treated deck does protect you from most insects and water rot, it will not protect your deck against mold and mildew build and will certainly not protect you from harmful UV rays.

So what can be done to protect my deck?

The first thing that should be done is to make sure your wood deck or wood patio is always clean and free of debris. A build up of leaves and debris will keep in the moisture and this will promote mold and mildew growth. Regular pressure washing is also recommended. This proven method of wood deck cleaning is the best and most cost effective way of cleaning. Once your wood deck has been properly pressure cleaned it is essential that you properly employ a treatment method.

Wood deck after Pressure Cleaning
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