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Asheville Deck Pressure Washing

Why should I pressure clean my wood deck?

by Craig Cox

Like anything outside, wood decks tend to build up mold, dirt, fungus and algae deposits. The best way to restore and clean your wood deck is by pressure washing after using a mildew, mold, and dirt removal solution. Most people make the mistake of letting the wood on their deck go unprotected which leads to mildew and mold buildup and eventual rot. When you can see mildew or anything green developing on your deck it serious need of attention.

Behr makes an excellent mildew and mold remover, which is available at your local Home Depot. You should follow the direction for applying the product before moving on to pressure washing. To pressure clean your deck we recommend using a pressure washer set at 1500-2000 PSI and a 40 degree white tip. Too much pressure will damage the wood so if you are unsure, use a lower pressure setting and gradually move up until you feel comfortable.

Now your wood has been thoroughly cleaned of all dirt and grim and all mildew, mold, and alga spores have been killed. You are ready to stain and seal your deck.

Before and after image of a pressure cleaned wood patio deck
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